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Reef Alert Network is a not-for-profit organization founded by a group of passionate underwater explorers, marine scientists and researchers with the aim of shaping a new generation of conservation divers ready for action.
The new frontier of recreational scuba diving is not only to educate all divers to respect the environment, but also to train them to help science monitor and recover the most threatened habitats.

Through our network of conservation volunteer divers, researchers and affiliated dive facilities, we support local diving communities to achieve their goals and all those who want to take action to protect biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea.



Recognition and reporting of critical conditions for biodiversity as effects of anthropogenic activities and climate change. Our awareness campaigns aim to highlight mass mortality events, the presence of waste and lost fishing gears, the impact of scuba diving and boating on sensitive ecosystems.


Monitor the biodiversity of the most emblematic habitats of the Mediterranean Sea through the collection of data with standardized scientific protocols. Encourage the participation of scuba divers in international citizen science projects, initiated by Research Institutes, to provide reliable and up-to-date information to the managing bodies of marine protected areas.


Undertaking cleanup initiatives, habitat enhancement and conservation projects, in collaboration with local Authorities, with the support of affiliated diving centers and appropriately trained volunteer conservation divers.


Engaging local communities through education and capacity building initiatives to empower stakeholders to take action and catalyze conservation; ensuring sustainability


Supporting projects for the reconstruction of the habitats most affected by climate change and anthropogenic activities, in collaboration with marine research institutes, through the recruitment and training of highly qualified volunteers.


Join our marine conservation initiatives and provide support to the local diving communities to monitor, preserve and restore threatened marine ecosystems by the effects of climate change and human activities.

Conservation days

Take action as a volunteer in our citizen science events for monitoring the submerged coastal environments of the Mediterranean Sea. Contribute your time and skills to the collection of vital data for researchers and support essential marine conservation projects.

Ghost diving

As a volunteer conservation diver you can help local diving communities to mitigate the effects of lost fishing gears by evaluating their impact on the ecosystems and contributing to their removal .

Restoration projects

The actions of our volunteers are critical in the restoration of some of the most threatened habitats,  working with researchers and local diving communities to reintroduce ecosystem engineer species in those areas where they are no longer able to play their crucial role.


Our conservation diving laboratory is an educational program, developed by marine scientists and diving instructors, to provide recreational scuba divers and dive professionals with the skill-sets to initiate action. The curriculum includes 5 days of diving under the guidance of marine scientists to acquire essential knowledge and techniques to support conservation projects in the Mediterranean Sea.

What you will learn

To recognize the most emblematic marine species of the Mediterranean reefs and to understand their ecological role.

To identify signs of disease in species sensitive to the effects of climate change

To collect data on the density and health of populations of different indicator species

To apply standardized scientific protocols to record the effects of climate change on biodiversity

To comprehend the latest techniques for the restoration of damaged habitats

To assess the impact caused by lost fishing gears and to properly remove them.

To use of photogrammetry as an innovative tool to monitor habitat complexity and species patterns of growth

Who we address

Qualified Advanced Open Water divers or equivalent level of diving certification.

Active divers who have dived in recent times.

Capable divers with solid basic skills.

Where to take action

To carry out our volunteering we rely on the support of affiliated facilities and dive centers, they are the best reference points for those who want to take action. 
Connect with diving communities, engage in marine conservation initiatives, protect local dive sites, dive with a noble purpose.

Marine conservation outpost for volunteers wishing to support  projects and events in the Tuscan Arcipelago.

At the forefront of conservation, it supports citizen science programs to monitor the dive sites in the Portofino marine protected area.

Premier GUE dive center in the eastern Ligurian Riviera has been promoting conservation projects for over 20 years.

Diving center for all lovers of naturalistic diving in the extreme east of Liguria.


We collaborate with others nonprofit organizations and public entities to provide our volunteers with the essential tools they need to carry out their conservation actions successfully. Reef Alert Network serves as a link between international marine conservation projects and passionate scuba divers, who are regular visitors and protector of local dive sites.


Stay tuned. Check what we do. Join the network.


Our activities are supported through private donations, as well as the precious time and efforts of all our volunteers. Even a small donation can help us conduct volunteer training, research, reclamation and restoration projects of the most important and delicate ecosystems. Your donations are tax deductible and will be used for awareness campaigns, marine conservation initiatives and other activities embodied in the organization's statute.

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